So wake me up and away to America
Nay, for stronger is my love for Nigeria
Why run away to survive
When you can stay to live
Years ago we enjoyed our sumptuous massa
But now we starve and bow to mass’a
Wake up and smell the coffee
For ‘morrow in no man’s land might be in a coffin
Though the sea be rough and full of ripples
A place is only as good as its people
Here’s a land of milk and honey
O’er the mountain and seas is just uncertainty
Black is beautiful and so is green
We have greatness as can be seen
So away with the foreign scales
And adorn the naija shades
Smile naija for the ‘morrow is bright
Stay! The future is in sight.

          Hey everybody, #blogpostno2 😀 . I know I promised to post poems. So,here I am, upholding my end of the bargain. It’s time to do yours – *whispers* (“…To have as much fun reading, as  I did writing”) Or typing, or pasting, as the case may be. 🙂
         The poem above, (excerpted with permission of the writer) speaks of the writer’s love for his country. Despite all odds, he is willing to ‘Stay’.
            I, contrarily, am very willing to ‘Go’. I know a lot of you are just as confused; Should you be loyal to COUNTRY or SELF ? What say you? Don’t worry, It’s okay to criticize this poem, Your views are welcome. Just leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “STAY? or GO?

  1. I love this country screw the American Dream,Anything is possible in only one country in the world and that’s Nigeria just ask Nollywood


  2. To be really frank,I’d go but truly like someone said earlier one can’t forget home.home will always be home.’GO’ is the way:D


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